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About Me

Melissa Squirewell

Author/Motivational Speaker/Biblical Counselor

Melissa Squirewell is a woman of strength and endurance.  She is most definitely a praying woman!


She has served in the healthcare industry for over thirty years. A field that allows her to help, encourage, motivate and inspire others.


She finds great joy and peace in studying God’s word. She received a diploma for outstanding achievement in completion of requirements for the Certificate of Progress Program presented by the Sunday School Publishing Board, National Baptist Convention and an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Mental Health/Social Work. She serves as a Certified Biblical Counselor at her church and has received numerous awards for her service, donations and volunteer time.


Melissa Co-Authored one of Amazon’s Best Sellers: “Unlock Your Hidden Treasure, It’s Time to Shine.” She is also involved in the sequel “Release Your Hidden Treasure, Continue to Shine.” This can be purchased on the Buy Products page.

Melissa enjoys spending time and taking road trips with family. She is the mother of four adult children, grandmother of four and a firm believer that it is never too late to start again.

Thanks for stopping by, we do hope you will return!

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